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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Advice for a New Stager

Dear Kristina,
I found your website and would love to talk with you about the opportunities of becoming a home-staging consultant. I am looking for any advice you can offer.
Paige, MN

Dear Prospective Stager,

You would be surprised at how many emails I receive regarding this topic. Home staging is definately an exciting business to pursue! You are able to use your creative juices to transform hopelessly, dull spaces into amazing rooms with volumes of style! However, I would do you a disservice if I did not provide a full description of this business.
The best advice that I can give you for entering this business is... be prepared for VERY hard work! Home staging as a business versus staging as a hobby requires more than just talent as you may be suspecting. The first thing to consider is education: who, when, where?

Then there are the questions of insurance, marketing, online development, inventory, storage facilities, pricing, etc. These items, however, pertain to any type of self-starting businesses. It does take a tremendous amount of passion to build a staging business, to handle success, and persist through the hard times.

If you are willing to sacrifice time, money, and a few broken finger nails... then welcome to the wonderful world of home staging!

Thank you for your inquiry, and I wish you all the best! Kristina

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